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Your Personalised Skills Development Plan

Published on: 05/12/2022

Whether you are a new or experienced MSCA NCP, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed in your daily work as NCP. How can you support your clients? What MSCA knowledge are you supposed to have and how can you improve it?

But fear not! MSCA-NET has a myriad of tools to support you in your professional development, ranging from support documents to onsite events such as trainings and twinnings. In order for you to get an oversight over these tools and how to incorporate them into your professional development, we here present you with your personalized skills development plan.

This document allows you to assess your own knowledge and skills and then look at the activities the project offers and plan how those could support you in becoming an MSCA powerhouse (subject to change and updates). You should not send us your answers, just use this document as a compass to navigate in your life as an MSCA NCPs.