Global Ecovillage Network of Europe

Since 1996, it’s been our mission to support and connect the ecovillage movement, encourage ecovillage development, educate for sustainability and ultimately create a world where empowered local communities are at the forefront of creating a fairer society that regenerates the earth, and ourselves. We are powered by our members: over 100 ecovillages and aspiring ecovillage projects, and 18 national ecovillage networks in 26 countries and counting. Together, we educate, advocate and innovate, through events, courses, meetings and projects. GEN Europe is part of the Global Ecovillage Network: an ever-growing network of thousands of regenerative communities and initiatives that bridges cultures, countries, and continents through its five regional networks and its international youth branch, NextGEN. GEN Europe is the European network for ecovillages and sustainable communities. Our vision is of a conscious, resilient and sustainable Europe where ecovillage and community values and lifestyles are widely adopted.

Acronym: GEN Europe

Type of organization: Collaborative Network

Influencer or Follower of the Work Programme: Follower

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Cities Mission

D2 - Cross-sectorial solutions for the climate transition

Sector: Cities, Climate

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