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EIC Board publishes the Code of Conduct for consultants

EU EIC Code of consultants

Published on: 14/11/2023

The European Innovation Council Board has published the Code of Conduct for consultants supporting organisations applying to EIC calls, based on the draft and comments received this summer.

The Code of Conduct aims to establish a set of minimum standards, which consultancies offering services to support EIC applicants, commit to apply in relation to their clients.

Some of the remarked principles are related to:

  • Know-how, experience and competencies
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality
  • Fee

The Code is voluntary but is expected to be adhered to by consultancies providing such services. All potential applicants considering using consultancy services are invited to check that the services comply with the Code. Consultancies adhering to the Code of Conduct are invited to put a label on their websites.

Read the Code of Conduct.

Source: EIC news