About us

The CARE4BIO team is a well-balanced network of 26 partners, including partners from the EU-13 and Associated Countries, combining all levels of relevant experience and expertise in the field of the Cluster 6 of Horizon Europe (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment). Many fulfil multiple roles, for instance also working in other NCP networks or Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), different Clusters and Pillars, or are appointed as Programme coordinators. 


What is the objective of the project? 

CARE4BIO is open to all National Contact Points for Cluster 6 and serves the needs for transnational cooperation between NCPs for Cluster 6 and collaborations with similar projects and initiatives in the cluster 6 EU ecosystem but is also set up to guide researchers in their quest for securing EU funding in cluster 6.  

Duration of project?   

The project started 01/06/2022 and has a duration of 67 months