Destination 5: Land Ocean and Water for Climate Action

There are 7 topic calls already published on the funding and tenders portal. These topic calls have deadline: 22 February 2024 .

Reducing GHG emissions and enhancing carbon sinks in primary production and natural systems as well as in harvested wood products and other carbon storage products are key elements of the European Green Deal. Achieving sustainable ocean, water and land management, and an efficient use of natural resources that foster climate change mitigation implies finding the right balance between productivity, climate, biodiversity and environmental goals in the agriculture and forestry sectors, with a long-term perspective.

R&I activities will support solutions for climate and environmentally-friendly practices, to reduce emissions of major greenhouse gases, other pollutants and the environmental impact of ocean and land use changes and agricultural activities. R&I will rely on the application of digital technologies where relevant.


Proposals for topics under this destination should set out credible pathways that contribute to climate action on land - including forestland, grassland, cropland and wetland - as well as on oceans and water and more specifically to one or several of the following impacts:

  • better understanding and strengthening of the mitigation potential of ecosystems and sectors based on the sustainable management of natural resources;
  • advancement of science and technology to support the adaptation and resilience of natural and managed ecosystems, on land, in the ocean, in water and soil systems as well as economic sectors in the context of the changing climate, including interaction with drivers of biodiversity change and zero pollution;
  • efficient monitoring, assessment, modelling and data-driven decision-making support systems and projections related to climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation potential in order to derive solutions for tackling existing and emerging threats and support decision-making in climate change mitigation and adaptation policies at European and global levels, including through the use of AI and other digital solutions;
  • increased climate change mitigation in the primary sectors, including by means of reducing their GHG emissions and other pollutants, maintaining natural and man-made carbon sinks and increasing uptake and storage of carbon in ecosystems, taking into account trade-offs with regard to ecosystems;
  • improved capacity to climate change of the ocean, sea, water and soil systems and related sectors to adapt to climate change, including by means of unlocking the potential of nature-based solutions;
  • sustainable management of scarce resources, in particular soils and water, therefore mitigating climate related risks, especially desertification and erosion, thanks to informed decision-makers and stakeholders and the integration of adaptation measures in relevant EU policies.
Policies and Strategies  Link Link
European Green Deal  pdf  
Fit for 55': delivering the EU's 2030 Climate Target on the way to climate neutrality pdf  
Communication on carbon cycles pdf  
EU Methane Strategy pdf  
New EU Forestry Strategy for 2030 pdf  
The Maritime Policy pdf  
Forging a climate-resilient Europe - the new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change pdf  
Directives and Regulations     
EU Climate Law Regulation The Climate Law includes: a legal objective for the Union to reach climate neutrality by 2050, an ambitious 2030 climate target of at least 55% reduction of net emissions of greenhouse gases as compared to 1990. pdf  
Water Framework Directive  website  
Other Initiatives     
Soils Mission Implementation Plan   pdf  
Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 pdf  
EU-China cooperation under the Climate Change and Biodiversity
(CCB) Flagship