Training on Third Parties in Horizon Europe

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Practical side of lump sum grants: experiences from NCPs and beneficiaries

Presentations and recording available (L&F NCPs only)

Welcome to the L&F NCP world

The network of Financial and Legal National Contact Points (NCPs) for the Horizon Europe programme serves as a crucial support system for the effective implementation of financial and legal aspects of the program. Comprising dedicated experts from participating countries, this network ensures a robust framework for financial and legal guidance and support.

The Financial NCPs within the network offer expertise in financial management, budgeting, reporting, and auditing, among other aspects. They assist project participants in navigating the complex financial requirements of Horizon Europe, providing guidance on eligible costs, funding rules, financial monitoring, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. These NCPs facilitate the preparation of budgets, financial reports, and the overall financial planning of projects, enabling successful financial execution.

The Legal NCPs play a vital role in providing legal guidance and support to Horizon Europe stakeholders. They offer advice on legal aspects such as consortium agreements, intellectual property rights, data protection, ethical considerations, and contractual obligations. These experts help project participants understand and navigate the legal framework of Horizon Europe, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and minimizing potential legal risks. They assist in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, provide guidance on intellectual property management, and help resolve legal disputes that may arise during project implementation.

The network of Financial and Legal NCPs collaborates closely with other NCP networks, such as the National Contact Points for specific thematic areas or specific countries. By fostering coordination and information exchange, they ensure a comprehensive support system for Horizon Europe participants. This network serves as a valuable resource for project coordinators, researchers, and legal and financial officers, providing timely and accurate information, guidance, and training on financial and legal matters.

Through its extensive expertise and knowledge, the network of Financial and Legal NCPs contributes to the overall success of the Horizon Europe programme. By providing effective support and assistance in financial and legal aspects, they help maximize the impact of funded projects, foster collaboration, and ensure compliance with the program's regulations and objectives.