24 and 25 April, Cyprus

3rd Meet and Exchange for NCP Coordinators and 1st Leadership training

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23 November 2023

2nd Meet & Exchange for NCP Coordinators

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Training on Third parties in Horizon Europe

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Guidelines for Mentoring Scheme

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Mentoring Yoda

Welcome to the NCP Coordinators network

National NCP Coordinators collaborate with the national authorities and various stakeholders in leading, developing, and managing the country’s NCP system. In doing so, the Coordinators maintain an overview of the national system, to ensure overall operational consistency and quality of support for national applicants and other stakeholders interested in the framework programmes. The Coordinators have an important mission to liaise with the Commission coordinating services on cross-cutting questions that are not covered by other NCPs and communicate the outcomes back to their networks and teams. Moreover, in some countries, the Coordinators are also the contact persons for general questions on partnerships and missions that are not covered by other NCPs. The NCP Coordinators ensure the overall implementation of an NCP mission: as highly professional support services, NCPs operating nationally form an essential component of Horizon Europe implementation. They have a key role in delivering the programme’s objectives and impacts ensuring that it becomes known and readily accessible to all potential applicants, irrespective of sector or discipline.