17 June 2024, online

ERA - 2024-02 Knowledge Day and Brokerage Event

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EC publishes the Widera Work Programme v.3.0

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Registration open: 11th to 13th June 2024, Bulgaria


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Invitation to register, 23 and 24 May 2024

ERA Training and ERA Seminar

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Training in collaboration with BRIDGE2HE project

The Widening Programme from the Pillar II NCP’s Perspective

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National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR)
Nowogrodzka 47a, 00-695 Warsaw, Poland



e-Newsletter NCP_WIDERA.NET

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 16th issue

Here is the first issue of 2024, bringing you fresh news about the final evaluation of Horizon 2020 that was just published, which will be instrumental in shaping the next framework programme. A must-read in the new year! In network news, there is an upcoming training on the updated ...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 15th issue

The start of winter is a busy time for the NCP_WIDERA.net project, with upcoming consortium meeting and other events, such as ERA brokerage event in the beginning of November. Make sure to check out the Horizon Europe Implemention Days on YouTube, as they are very ...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 14th issue

It is that time of the year, with so many interesting events coming up, both public events and network meetings. Make sure to attend your local European Researchers' Night event next weekend, taking place in 26 countries and don't forget to save the dates for the upcoming WI...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 13th issue

It is great to be back after the summer holidays, with news and events of interest for the WIDERA community of Horizon Europe! We bring you a quick update of the ongoing process of UK association to Horizon Europe, and information about a new NCP Network for Missions as well as u...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 12th issue

As summer holidays are approaching, there is nothing better than to snuggle up in the sun and read the June issue of our newsletter. Do not miss the Call for experts to perform professional pre-check of proposlas, and the article of the month, which is about a new progress report...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 11th issue

The editorial board brings you the May edition of our newsletter, packed with useful material for NCPs and stakeholders of the WIDERA programme. Our Policy Update section brings you news about the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027 analysis and important Council conclusions ...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 10th issue

Our April issue is packed with interesting material for NCPs and stakeholders of the WIDERA programme. First, there is news from our network, such as a summary of the Córdoba workshop on proposal pre-screening and information about regional seminars. In policy news we bring you W...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 9th issue

March is here, with the WIDENING NCP Network celebrating its first year! This issue starts by focusing on the importance of knowing everything about lump sum funding, then ee bring you an article about the COST Short-term Scientific Missions and tell you about the winners of...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 8th issue

The shortest month of the year has come and gone, so the February issue comes rushing into your inbox! This time it opens with Network news of events organised for the benefit of stakeholders and applicants as well as NCPs. Our Policy Update talks about the Future of cohesio...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 7th issue

Our first newsletter this year, the January 2023 issue, opens with a policy update item that informs readers about the first ERA Policy Brief that has been published on the NCP WIDERA.NET website. Then there is a spotlight on the Commission Info Days on the 2023-2024 ca...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 6th issue

The November issue brings you information about some of the first "products" of our network, such as the 1st ERA Factsheet and useful guides for NCPs, as well as an overview of the results from the first ERA calls 2021 and 2022. For those that want to learn about lump sum funding...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 5th issue

The September issue focuses on network news. The project Kick-off-meeting was finally held in person, 5-7 September in Warsaw, so we are bringing you information from the meeting as well as other network news.

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 4th issue

The August 2022 issue of our newsletter looks at how policy developments are translated directly into calls in the WIDERA programme, followed by expert advice on how to improve partner search skills in Horizon Europe. ...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 3rd issue

The June 2022 issue of the newsletter opens with a policy update on the European Strategy for Universities followed by information about widening related activities in the MSCA-NET project. The spotlight this month is on the ERA Talents call. Don't miss the ar...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 2nd issue

The May 2022 issue of the newsletter is packed with interesting material, such as upcoming events for NCPs and useful information on ERA Policy and impact in Horizon Europe proposals. There is also a presentation of the Bridge2HE Twinning & Mentoring ...

NCP WIDERA.NET Newsletter 1st issue

This first issue welcomes all of you to the project, with a quick overview of what is to come. The main focus is on the newly launched network, first with an article from the coordinator and then input from work package leaders, who will tell you what to expect, bo...