EU Mission-related thematic reports

Published on: 16/05/2024

The five EU Missions’ aim is to address some of the greatest challenges the society faces and to produce concrete solutions. Mission-oriented innovation policy achieves ambitious and clearly formulated goals and offers systemic solutions, which lead to societal transformations and social impact via the generation and application of knowledge and innovation.

The Mutual Learning Exercise that took place last year in order to support the development of effective national frameworks that will lead to EU Missions’ full implementation, produced three thematic reports that can be used as efficient guidance and quick access to the following information: 

The first report on Understanding mission portfolios builds on the ideas introduced in the first topic on multi-level governance and addresses questions related to the capacities needed for coordinated implementation of actions over time to realise mission objectives, using mission portfolios.

The second report on Creating national governance structures for the implementation of EU missions refers to the concept of  Multi-level governance (MLG), discusses MLG in relation to mission-oriented policies (MOIP), reports key insights emerging from a survey to Member States and provides a summary of the discussions held at the first MLE country visit in Vienna (AT) in September 2023.   

The third report on Mission-oriented funding and instruments synergies focuses on funding missions and creating synergies among financial and other policy instruments to support mission portfolios.