NCP4Missions kick-off

Team NCP4Missions

Published on: 09/11/2023

Presenting NCP4Missions, a new NCP network supporting Horizon Europe Missions NCPs.

Dear reader! We proudly present NCP4Missions, a new NCP network!

The NCP4Missions consortium is a group of highly ambitious people from 19 countries, covering all EU missions (they’re five for now, with one more under discussion - more on this later!).

The majority of the group has previous experience in the EU funding field, some with decades of experience while other bring fresh ideas as newcomers from various fields. Overall, the consortium is well balanced in terms of geographical coverage, with 13 partners representing Widening Countries.

We strive to improve and professionalize the skills of  missions NCPs with a harmonized, improved and more qualified NCP support service both throughout Europe and across all EU Missions.

NCP4Missions will share good practices, raise the standard of NCP services to applicants and perform targeted outreach activities, thereby lowering the barriers for applicants to participate in the Missions Work Programme and increase the quality of the submitted proposals.

We promise to keep you engaged, informed and well equipped to tackle any EU mission journey you embark on, so stay tuned! Bookmark this page and follow us on LinkedIn. We will share webinars, events, uplifting and motivational success stories, empowering content, news, and of course EC updates regarding the EU missions.

If you are a Missions NCP, consider also joining our LinkedIn group, where you can connect with your fellow Missions NCPs, ask questions and share updates from your Missions work and other interesting content.

We look forward to working with you!


- The NCP4Missions team