The new NCP project CARE4BIO is up and running!!


Published on: 11/10/2022

CARE4BIO is the official Network of the Horizon Europe 'Cluster 6' (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment) National Contact Points!
The project has a duration of 67 months.

CARE4BIO had its kick-off meeting in Athens on 29 June 2022 and the consortium is a well-balanced network of 26 partners, including partners from the EU-13 and Associated Countries, combining all levels of relevant experience and expertise. 


The aim of CARE4BIO is to harmonise NCP services and increase their quality, lower entry barriers for applicants, especially in less active member states and inform the European R&D community about cross-cutting synergies throughout Horizon Europe. To achieve this will CARE4BIO develop capacity-building activities for Cluster 6 NCPs and applicants, such as training, learning courses, best practice manuals, policy briefings, and many more.


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