SSH integration in Horizon Europe

Background: Definitions and a plea for a new understanding of SSH Integration


Interdisciplinarity: “Integration of information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts or theories from two or more disciplines. Disciplines may be from the natural sciences, technology, engineering, economics, Social Sciences and Humanities.[1]


Transdisciplinarity: “Approaches and methodologies that integrate as necessary a) theories, concepts, knowledge, data, and techniques from two or more scientific disciplines; and b) non-academic and non-formalized knowledge.[2]


SSH Integration: “Contributions of Social Sciences and Humanities which are part of an interdisciplinary approach, involving collaboration between SSH disciplines and non-SSH disciplines, such as natural sciences, physical and bio-sciences, medicine, engineering sciences and technology.”[3]

SSH Integration in practice


The European Commission has "flagged" topics in Horizon Europe calls that require the inclusion of SSH research. 

Topics dedicated to SSH Research 


  • The solutions to the challenge and problems that the topic presents are connected only to the SSH disciplines.
  • Consortium composed by researchers coming from the SSH disciplines
Topics with a significant SSH component 
  • SSH researchers must be part of the consortium.
  • Solutions must be the result of integration between STEM and SSH disciplines


SSH and STEM? It works!

Net4Society published a series of factsheets highlight successful examples of cooperation between actors from the SSH and STEM communities. Browse through these examples to learn how the cooperation can lead to mutual learning in excellent research projects!


How to find SSH-flagged topics?


On the Funding & Tenders Opportunities Portal is a full list with all the topics considered as dedicated or relevant for SSH.


Opportunities for SSH Researchers

In addition to the search engine on the Funding & tender opportunities portal this document is designed to help potential proposers find SSH-related topics across the different parts of Horizon Europe in Work Programmes 2023-2024. 

The document is published on a regular basis and includes SSH relevant topics in all parts of Horizon Europe. 


Download the latest version here.