Open Call with SSH aspects on sustainable healthcare

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Published on: 06/05/2024

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) launched a transnational call on "User-centric technologies and optimized hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce" with deadline for proposals on 22nd May 2024.


Deadline for proposal submission:  22 May 2024 17:00  (Brussels time)


Weblink (URL):

Call text


Short Call Abstract:

Due to long-lasting staff shortages and systemic challenges in healthcare systems, which have been exacerbated as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals are facing increasing workloads and pressures at work, resulting in an increase in burnout and stress as well as short- or long-term absences from work. A high level of clinician and medical staff burnout has many professional ramifications and can result in medical errors and suboptimal patient care as well.

The projects funded under this topic should develop or improve innovative medical technology solutions. Through collaborative design approaches incorporating the feedback of end-users, the solutions should be easy-to-use, clearly identify and tackle any ethical concerns, and aim to be ready for integration into real-world hospital environments. Applicants should also consider the ethical and societal implications of the proposed solutions, involving the perspectives and preferences of patients and their families as the ultimate beneficiaries. 

To achieve this aim, applicants must assemble a public-private partnership to ensure successful co-creation of the proposed solution(s), with input of all relevant stakeholders including healthcare professionals and patients, focusing on activities such as: 

  • Demonstrate the feasibility and desirability of the proposed approach(es) or technologies from an economic perspective, analysing the potential impact on patient and staff costs in healthcare institutions, on payers and insurers, and on the healthcare system. 


More information in the call text


SSH aspects (keywords/disciplines):

Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Ethics. 


Specific participation requirements (optional):




EU Member States, including their outermost regions; the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) linked to the Member States; countries associated to Horizon Europe; low- and middle-income countries described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes. 


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