Open Call with SSH opportunities on the ecological aspects of deep-sea mining

Published on: 01/02/2024

JPI Oceans launched a joint call with SSH opportunities on the ecological aspects of deep-sea mining with deadline for pre-proposals on March 1,2024.


Deadline for pre-proposals submission: 1 March 2024, 17:00 CET

Deadline for full proposals submission: 30 September 2024, 17:00 CET


Weblink (URL):

Call text


Short Call Abstract:

The call is the result of a yearlong process in which scientists, policy makers, industry, and NGO representatives as well as interested JPI Oceans members came together to take stock of knowledge gaps and future research priorities.   Several aspects of the impact of deep-sea mining were identified that require further or more in-depth investigation.

The following topics were identified as important scientific objectives:

  • Ecosystem dynamics
  • Ecological impacts of polymetallic nodule mining
  • Ecological impacts of massive sulphide mining
  • Science-based support to governance (e.g. preliminary analysis of proposed governance and management regimes; Inform the definition and development of improved standards and guidelines for environmental baselines, monitoring, and impact assessment; Establish adaptive management tools and criteria for minimizing harmful impacts; Analyse ethical implications and societal consequences related to deep-sea mining)


SSH aspects (keywords/disciplines):

Sociology, political science, Ethics; Economics


Specific participation requirements (optional):

Each application of a joint project must involve researchers from at least three FUNDING PARTNERS countries.

Self-funded partners including partners from countries (and/or regions) not participating in this call are allowed but do not contribute to the minimum eligible consortium size.

 No maximum number of partners is specified.

Consortia must be aware that failure of one partner within the consortium to meet the national/regional eligibility criteria may result in the rejection of the entire proposal. cts

More information in the call text



Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, UK