Open Call with SSH opportunities on Inclusive clinical studies for equitable access to clinical research in Europe

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Published on: 22/09/2023

The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) launches a transnational call with SSH opportunities on "Inclusive clinical studies for equitable access to clinical research in Europe" with deadline for short proposals on 8 November 2023, 17:00 CET and full proposals on 23 April 2024, 17:00 CEST.



Deadline for Short proposal submission: 8 November 2023, 17:00 (Brussels time)

Deadline for Full proposal submission: 23 April 2024, 17:00 (Brussels time)


Weblink (URL):

call text


Short Call Abstract:

The topic aims to develop a multi-faceted approach to overcome the multifactorial barriers associated with the recruitment and retention of underserved patient populations in clinical studies and to contribute to transforming the way clinical studies are conducted in Europe.

Projects supported under this topic should contribute to the following impacts:

  • Awareness and understanding of what diversity, under-represented, and underserved communities look like in geographies across Europe, including barriers and gaps to recruitment and retention in different types of clinical research, such as clinical studies on medical products, clinical investigations for medical devices, and performance studies in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), cohorts, and registries.
  • Enhanced representativeness of underserved populations in clinical studies across Europe, through the building of a patient-centric, sustainable infrastructure that improves the recruitment and retention of these patients
  • Increased study data reliability and genetic diversity by including different demographic groups, thereby enhancing patient trust in the evidence generated. More patients benefit from increased access to improved innovative health technologies including medicinal products and medical devices that meet the specific needs and profiles of all patient populations
  • Promoting the implementation of new tools, solutions, approaches, or process models that will reduce the burden of clinical studies and facilitate and increase diverse patient populations’ access to clinical studies
  • Contribution to the Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU2 (ACT-EU) objectives to proactively deliver inclusive patient-oriented medicines development and delivery across populations

To ensure the applicability of the solutions/tools/recommendations, the applicants should test them in pilot use cases, which will be determined during the project based on the availability of cases from sponsor companies and in discussion with the consortium, in one or more disease areas of choice.


SSH aspects (keywords/disciplines):

Sociology, Psychology, Behavioral studies,  Demography,


Specific participation requirements (optional):

Please check the call text



Please check the Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes