Urban Mobility Observatory

Eltis facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It addresses individuals working in transport as well as in related disciplines, including urban and regional development, health, energy and environmental sciences. Created more than 20 years ago, Eltis is now Europe's main observatory on urban mobility. It is financed by the European Commission's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport

Acronym: ELTIS

Type of organization: Collaborative Network

Influencer or Follower of the Work Programme: Follower

Cluster 5 Destination, Joint Undertaking or Mission:

Cities Mission

D5 - Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes

D6 - Safe, resilient transport and smart mobility services for passengers and goods

Sector: Transport, Mobility

Contact Details: https://www.eltis.org/content/contact-us

Web Site: www.eltis.org/


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