European Partnerships bring the European Commission and private and/or public partners together to address some of Europe’s most pressing challenges through concerted research and innovation initiatives. They are a key implementation tool of Horizon Europe, and contribute significantly to achieving the EU’s political priorities.

Within cluster 6 there are 8 partnerships. Each partnership has its own objective, focus and goal. Further details are available below.


is part of the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 that aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030. Supporting excellent research on biodiversity with an impact for policy and society.


aims at enabling water security for all in the long term through boosting systemic transformations and changes across the entire research - water innovation pipeline, fostering matchmaking between problem owners and solution providers.


Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU)

aim is to bring together various actors from bio-based industries, ranging from farmers to scientists, to solve the technological, regulatory and market challenges of the sector. 


Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

The candidate partnership ‘A climate-neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy’ can be described as Horizon Europe’s blue arm of the Green Deal, uniting research and innovation efforts to aid the transition to a sustainable blue economy.


Partnership on agroecology

aims to structure and support a network of living labs and research infrastructures that will accelerate the transition towards agroecology throughout Europe. It will provide spaces for long-term, site-specific, multi-stakeholder and real-life experimentation. 


Partnership in Animal Health and Welfare (PAHW)

aims deliver key knowledge, services and products to significantly improve the control of animal infectious diseases and animal welfare in a coordinated way which will sustain animal production and protect public health. 


Agriculture of Data partnership

will generate EU-wide data sets and information through combining geospatial and Earth observation datasets and employ data technologies to provide solutions to the agricultural sector.


Food systems partnership

aim is to collectively develop and implement an EU-wide committed research and innovation partnership to accelerate the transition towards healthy diets that are safe and sustainably produced, and consumed in resilient EU and global food systems’.